Museum of Broken Relationships

Our talk last class of giving away sentimental items that end up in a flea market or vintage store vs. throwing away a once-treasured object that will end up in a landfill somewhere reminded me of The Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia. An interesting way to deal with sentimental gifts or reminders of an ex you want to get rid of but want them to have a good home..the concept of the exhibit revolves around the idea of failed relationships and their ruins that are left behind. People contribute their personal belongings to the Museum’s collection. Items include teddy bears, love letters, jewelery, photos, undergarments etc.




  cindypound wrote @

this is awesome. thanks for sharing.

  99hooker wrote @

That is awesome, makes one think that museums are in a way dumps themselves – spaces for that which cannot be productively put to use in the main social spaces – a fine line between art and garabage first made explicit by Duchamp’s urinal


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