Paper – timeless Productivity Platform RE-POST

I thought I’d re-post this since I find it quite relatable to the Paper posts.

Here’s how I optimize my life with paper:

Plan meals. Plan vacations. Track diets and weight

Shopping lists. Lists of stuff, stuff to buy, stuff to see

Keep a budget

Draft bday wishes. Draft break up emails

Meditate with mindless scribbles

Create a funnel to hold food. Create a funnel to hold water. Create a funnel to hold fuel

Fuel a fire. Keep myself warm

Keep myself nice and clean

Make art

Hide behind it

Here are a few things I have not yet used it for:

Signal for help

Make clothes

Use it as a weapon

by Kasia



  cindypound wrote @

if you’ve ever played “rock/paper/scissors” you’ve used paper as a weapon! :-)

  jennykane324 wrote @

I recently wasted quite a bit of time playing this against a computer!
The analysis was quite fascinating actually!


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