Paper as memory

By Gala

When I moved to New York last August my friends and family, in an attempt to being remembered, filled me with papers; they gave letters drawings and pictures.  And my mother managed to smuggle family pictures in my passport and my books. Therefore since I left México, my relationship with paper has been a nostalgic one. I turn to paper in order to feel closer to home, because it doesn’t matter how many emails and pictures in facebook I have, the fact is that being able to touch a letter one of my friends wrote or looking upon something they draw ed for me,  makes me feel a lot closer to home.

I might say that paper has become for me a way to make home tangible in a foreign country, a way of going back for while, paper has become my memory.



  jennykane324 wrote @

I think that’s so true – there is something about having something physical that makes a connection more vivid, more immediate. Sometimes you want to linger with a memory in a way that isn’t really possible in a facebook update.

  yeongran wrote @

totally. paper is really an interesting medium. it embrace bodily memory – sensory, tangible. kinda nostalgic in the digital age, though.


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