paper as a temporary marker of time

by lara

Whenever I decide to finally clear out peripheral material that has accumulated in my living space, I find what ends up in the de-clutter bin is usually buckets and buckets of paper. Notes I’ve written to myself, scraps of paper with reminders, mail from the bank, enveloped that mail has come in, old schedules, pamphlets, event cards that no longer hold any relevance to my life- usually markers of time that has already passed. I decided to clear out some accumulated clutter this weekend and it was entirely paper.

It included:

a letter from northwestern, old bank envelopes, reciepts i no longer needed, a note from my aunt, some old notes, a absentee ballot that i forgot about (oops), an envelope that contained my jury summons, my schedule and from last semester, an event card for some event called film por vida, etc etc etc.

what’s usually surprising especially in the case of mail is that it’s usually stuff ive held onto but never looked it, things for stuff I’ve never attended, stuff i completely forgot about until the physical pile it creates is too big to ignore. “cleaning my room” is usually a purging of paper- stuff that has lost its timelines- stuff that would have held temporary significance at one point and is no longer relevant.



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  99hooker wrote @

To contiue my impersonation of a Marxist – money is a wonderful paper marker of labor time


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