(99) Ewaste and Britney – the immaterial girl gets physical

this of course will be part of upcoming presentation but my friend just sent this to me. (It is wonderful that so many people send me stuff about hookers, belinda carlisle, britney and 99s – this informal web of scholars)

Dare I say this is pure poetry?




  lockbird wrote @

this is just hilarious! what else will she try to do in order to gain publicity?! too bad she cannot even dance anymore :/

  99hooker wrote @

I know I know … but you know a part of me felt saddened by this … it seemed so inevitable … and I guess I think of her as not really human (although in some ways I think she is one of the few humans left in the old sense of totality , that is someone whose appearance is her essence), so I pity her like one pities an animal which is perhaps the resentiment of the spectator, but it was so tawdry, so stupid, I mean this woman has the world at her disposal … and then i also recall that gr8 movie about those two women who broke through the male union (mining was it?) and that horrible scene where they dump the one in the porta-potty … and here Jackass turns that image of struggle turned into one of compliance …. again so inevitable … it is clear there is nothing britney won’t do which is so pornographic … it would be so much nicer if I followed Jane Austen

  99hooker wrote @

BTW who is Lockbird?


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