(99) Witold Rybczynski “We are what we throw away”

There is a striking parralel with the accuracy of landfills over self-reportage and the classic theory of the unconcious which Debord understands as the real history of a society – class stuggle repressed as the unconcsious – what cannot be productively assimilated is throw out but thankfully it does not disappear otherwise there would be no connection to reality (which others would say is already happening – so thank god for the permanence of trash). Speaking of which am I crazy or isn’t the third largest item (grass trimmings and leaves) quite easy to compost? Couldn;t we fill the grand canyon up with grass clippings, throw in a few billion earthworms and call it a day?



  cindypound wrote @

love the grand canyon compost image. with urban farming on the rise, seems we are ripe for a revolution – and subsequent artistic survey – of creative urban composting.

  99hooker wrote @

If I had thought of it earlier I would have purposed the hole at WTC


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