classic productivity platform

by Tassos Lockbird

I have to admit that I could not fully understand the notion of a “productivity platform”, but after finding this

I will agree that “paper” is my productivity platform of choice. All of my “to-do-lists” or appointments or important information, are written down on a piece of paper. There is something “old school” about paper that appeals a lot to me, but at the same time it’s definitely a very flexible tool that can be used in almost every kind of circumstances. On a more…”contemporary”…or “hi-tech” note…I have to say that smart phones certainly have their advantages, streamlining or optimizing our lives, offering us the ability to find anything we want in a matter of seconds. The downside of smart phones though is that they tend to “enslave” their users and instead of liberating them and offering them more free time, they engage most of the users’ time.


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