THIS is what I’m throwing out!

by Tassos Lockbird

I am posting four pictures, containing 4 different types of refuse.

The first picture is my plastic/glass/metal waste bag. I usually put everything in a  plastic bag as well, to make things easier.







The second picture is my paper waste bag. Again, I try to use paper bags; it just   makes sense to me.






The third picture is my roommates “waste-area”, under the sink. He is not as methodical, I could say…..leaving a couple of weeks’ plastics and papers to pile up in order to empty it.







Finally, the fourth picture is kind of the opposite of household refuse. It’s the door of a vending machine that I found on 14th st. and I brought it back home in order to transform it to a light fixture. I’ve had it since October and I’m not sure if I will find an electrician who can do what I have in mind, but still I think it’s really cool.


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