time IS money

by Tassos Lockbird


After reading Zygmunt Bauman’s text I have to admit I was still thinking about my own procrastination and the fact that I have been putting off doing certain things, this assignment included. “Time is money”, Benjamin Franklin said, and inspired me to apply Bauman’s stories about credit card holders and money debt to my own “time credit” and “time debt”. In fact, I realized I had just done the same thing and I had ended up owing a lot! Instead of using a credit card to buy things I cannot afford so that I can indulge in this instant gratification my new purchase will give me, I kept putting off everything I had to do and did not manage well my responsibilities just because I was tempted of the instant gratification doing something else -something less demanding- would offer me. This whole downward spiral led me to owing a lot of assignments -debt- that I had to “pay back”, realizing that time, indeed is money.




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