(99) Paperless Authority & Henry Miller on Waste

The fact that e society no longer needs material legitization in form of Kafka-esque paper work is interesting – it could be argue history is forgotten by the winners. So hard to pin down authority and power as expressed acorss the web, but the reversal of fortune, the fluid, informal state is no less powerful, maybe more so. Reminds me of great Henry Miller quote “When shit becomes valuable the poor will be born without assholes.



  cindypound wrote @

the web may have the illusion of being democratic (democratic in illusion at least in most places anyway, access censorship around the world is a very transparent power structure that is still fairly common) but the power apparatus in cyberspace is most definitely there and pretty apparent of one chooses to look. the virutal certainly doesn’t mean immaterial think of the redistribution of labor for content creation to the masses (youtube, facebook), the “code overlords” who control the language of publishing and creation, the info hoarding that google does, the sorting taxonomy that it imposes upon all data as a form of power. gregor samsa still exists for sure, he just didn’t work pushing bureaucratic paperwork at a government agency. today he’s probably an algorithmic coder for google. :-)

  99hooker wrote @

Well, I would wheel out McLuhan and say the media is the message. Paper really does have spatial and temporal biases that e communicartion doesn’t any it constitutes a different social structure or power between producers and consumers. And paper also has its immaterial conditions in so far as mediates one person’s thoughts to another, and that mediation also helps constitute the reading of those meanings.


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