(99) Recycling Anne Frank

A classic example of how repression merely amplifies its subject, the censoring of Anne’s frank  thoughts about sexuality led to her being sex-ed up by fiction writer in this apparently trashy novel (I have not read it) http://jta.org/news/article/2010/06/22/2739728/controversy-arises-over-anne-franks-inferred-sexuality

Anne’s all-too-reasonable thoughts about sex point up the fragmentation of thought created by the sorting of value, especial when the body cannot be accounted for materially

“If mothers don’t tell their children everything, they hear it in bits and pieces, and that can’t be right.”

There is more at following link for those interested.  I love  Dad  and knowlegde juxtaposing  the mystery of procreation with prostitution – some serious sorting of experience at work. It is interesting to see a young mind trying to sort out these bits and pieces.



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