Sanitation overload

by cindy

I’ve been thinking about the sanitation hysteria that we as a culture seem to be enveloped by.  Hand sanitizer everywhere, our need/want to kill 99.9% of all bacteria at all times, the relentless information stream that reminds us of how many toxins we are living with on a daily basis – airborne, food borne, plastics borne, subway borne, electronics borne, etc.

Todd Haynes captures both the theoretical physical nightmare – as well as the psychic nightmare – of living as such in his 1995 movie Safe.  I’m sure most of you have probably seen it already, but it’s interesting to revisit in the context of the sanitation discussion.  The review by A.O. Scott provides some interesting insight into what Haynes was likely satirizing/critiquing at the time the film was made; I’d suggest that these dynamics are still with us as a culture today:

On a separate note, Haynes sure does love the tragic trapped female housewife character; he’s just returned to it again with Mildred Pierce. :-)


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  99hooker wrote @

He was just at new school last friday with griel marcus – sadly I missed it. They are doing HBO “Mildred Pierce.” I loved “Safe” but went with a person who had suffered Epstein-Barr and was irate. I thought he walked the line between environment and mind well, but my friend did not.

Plastic-wise his Barbie movie “Superstar – Karen Carpenter Story” is one of the greats.


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