(99) Quotes from Junkware

“Some years ago I noticed that there are two kinds (of) rubbish and that most langauges have different words to distinguish them. There is the rubbish we keep which is junk and the rubbish we throw away, which is garbage.” Quoting Sydney Bremner, p 49
To purge the earth of garbage would be to destroy our own reflection.’ Quoting John Knetchtel (61)
From Junkware Theirry Bardini
btw almost 99%! of DNA is arguably “junk DNA” or perhaps “garbage DNA”  often referred to as psuedo or non productive DNA.  So I guess Ivory Soap had it wrong, 99% impure is a measure of civilization.

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  Thierry Bardini wrote @

Hum… The third quote is kind of funny, but I never wrote it!
Maybe it’s better when you quote quoting other people…
And my first name spells t-h-i-e-r-r-y


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