(99) Bardini on plastic and organic forms of money, waste

Shit, of course, is our first template for garabge: … garbage is organic. It is formless and stinks. (And Freud added, this is what money is to us shit).

This very dream [of consumption alligned with destruction as in composting the organic]: make any poroiduct an organic counterpart. Adne sepcially commodities, so-called durabole goods: garbage in the making. That is whay natural products are preferred, they ar biodegradable or elese. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Rock to sand, metal to rust

And then came plastic: the real ordeal. Plastic … the acme of modernity, the summa of style, the maker of fortunes. Durable, moldable, shiny plastic (…) Owning plastic is like having a little industry in yor hand. It is like belonging here, with the civilized. Plastic is ordered, shaped informed. Even money became clean …

p 61, 62


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