BLDGBLOG on a Brooklyn hood outside the city’s sewer system

Here’s yesterday’s BLDGBLOG on a Brooklyn neighborhood known as “The Hole”:

1) A neighborhood in Brooklyn known as “The Hole” is thirty feet below sea level. It is so close to the water table, in fact, that local homes are not connected to the city’s sewer system, relying instead on cesspools; the streets—with names like Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire—are often flooded, on the verge of permanently returning to marshlandThe Hole is a short documentary by Courtney Sell and Billy Feldman about this neighborhood; cowboys on horseback wander through water-logged streets while abandoned housing developments soak up rain like giant sponges.



  99hooker wrote @

Some great shots. Great story. Music editting is a bit heavy handed. It would be great if it was redeveloped as a farm area again … could make money with all the green markets proivided they can get the e coli out of the eco-system. I saw onbe of those “my kid goes to a fnacy school” sticker on a car not far from this area that was mocked up to read”University of North Vietnam, 1968″

  cindypound wrote @

the ice cream truck moving through the flooded streets is amazing. i’ve never heard of this neighborhood before. the wild west/cowboy story seems a whole (ha!, pun intended) narrative in and of itself, the state of the neighborhood perhaps another. interesting to find it on a map and see it in relation to the beaches, airport near by. its a crazy bermuda triangle of waste space. thanks for sharing.


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