My day and Plastic

Hopefully plastics that will hold up for a while to come. Spent the day redoing my car’s interior, working on the computer, and traveling to and from class.

-Soda’s (my dog) bowl -5 minute (feeding her and giving her water)

-Aglets- 1 minute (had to tie my shoes)

-Interior panels and dash components for car- 3 hours (installation)

-Laptop keys and various other components – 3-5 hours

(by time I finish here it’ll be 3 hours. If I make use of netflix another 2 will be tacked on)

-Metro card- 2-4 minutes

-Debit card 2-5 minutes (needed to refill my ancient metro card)

-Cellphone 2 hours (not sure of the total usage but it sounds like a decent estimate)



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