“life in plastic is fantastic”

by Tassos Lockbird

A few things on plastic…..

First of all, I found really funny and extremely interesting that when I googled “plastic nyc”the majority -if not all- of the links that I got back where concerning plastic surgery


Trying to be the “devil’s advocate” concerning plastic, I was thinking about the positive aspects of it. I ended up with the notion of protection. Plastic helps people protect many natural -or not- substances, or even ideas. Film archives, like the one

anthologyfilmarchives.org on 2nd av, are the perfect example. On a more mundane and literal level, condoms

condoms.shtml !

Finally, the most intriguing thing I came across in my research is a UK company that offers the possibility to immortalize yourself by sprinkling your ashes on a vinyl before it is pressed. If that sounds too weird how I say it, this might be helpful


and the original site  www.andvinyly.com for anyone who’s interested!


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  99hooker wrote @

Condoms prevent life and protect against disease.
Condoms can enable experience yet dull it.
Condoms used to be made from animal skin and now are by and large synthetic
They’ve grown to include entire suits
They mediate experience.
They are an insult, associated with dirt & scum (bag)
Yes, a very good example of plastic in life


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