Plastic is beautiful

“Plastic in itself is not evil, the evil is in single-use plastic”. One thing we didn’t touch on is artists who give life to discarded plastic by using it as their medium. Artists Richard and Judy Lang take colorful discarded plastic debris they find on the beach as an inspiring material to create art from, probing us to think about our relationship with plastic, while giving meaning to these discarded plastic items. They mention that a lot of the pieces they find are one-time use plastics, most common they found were cheese spreaders for Kraft handy snacks.

museo aero solar is “the first flying museum, built with recycled plastic bags, that flies only with solar energy. A solar flying canvas. Any plastic bag off any size, color, and thickness is useful.




  99hooker wrote @

Your post reminded me of the old documentary of experimental sound artist Fred Frith – a recurring leitmotif equates free improv with the floating plastic bag as debris played with by the wind … if you want to see an example a few occur at 1:51 of this clip … but the whole movie is quite interesting

  99hooker wrote @

Although this example is paper not plastic! (which is often is)

  cindypound wrote @

and of course there is this scene in “American Beauty”…its actually THE scene of the movie in fact…where everything the story wants to tell us about what beauty means in the world around us is revealed through a movie about a plastic bag dancing in the wind:

i actually remember being so tears by this scene when i saw the movie…


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