artsy e-waste

Artist Sarah Frost in her QWERTY installations re uses cast off items and turns them into art. Here is the link to her website.

“For me there is a sublime quality about these materials – they carry withe them the memory of the people who used them. Who knows what sort of conversations transpired through these objects; they are symbolic of our need to communicate.” Sarah Frost

By Gala


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  cindypound wrote @

gala, thanks for this! we’ve talked some about typing as both a communication tool and form that is replacing handwriting…so to find ways to explore personal identity within the form/tools relics is interesting…

whenever i see the term QWERTY i always think about who actually architected this particular keyboard standard and why…probably had something to do with the relative frequency/occurrence of letters in the english alphabet in relation to the predominant functions/abilities of the two hands and fingers…although perhaps not. typing has established a standard way for us to express with our hands….how might that feel differently if the letters were arranged differently on the keyboard? sometimes i wonder.


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