Personal e-waste

I must confess that having been in NYC for little over nine months I have nor jet generated any e-waste of my own. But when I got here I got my T.V. for free; my cousin had just bought himself a fancy new flat screen, so he was going to throw the old one away, and I came to the rescue of the poor old T.V.

Here is a picture of the survivor!!!

By Gala


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  cindypound wrote @

nice rescue of this TV from the refuse stream! as we talked about in class, the introduction of digital TV back in 2009 did create an avalanche of residual media into the e-waste stream. by some accounts, americans bought somewhere like 35 million new digital TV’s in 2010.

given that almost every household in the US already has at least 1 TV, the likelihood that these new purchases replaced an old TV is quite high.

35 million “obsolete” TVs now need to be processed somehow – reused, refurbished, recycled.


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