Team E-Waste Inquiry #2: Immaterial E-Waste

Team E-waste is not only looking at the material waste streams of our electronic culture, but the immaterial waste streams as well.  Our question/s to you all on the topic if immaterial waste processing is/are below.

Wasting immaterial resources can seem more abstract, but perhaps you can share stories or reflections on how digital culture can be a waste of time and attention?  Does money seem material or immaterial when shopping online?  Do you use the web to discard (trash) or store (junk) less or unproductive excesses of information, such as old bills, emails, songs that you will never delete nor listen to, old pictures? Is electronic junk or even garbage in some sense an improvement over carrying LP records or CDs, encyclopedias, and photo albums around?

On the flip side of “getting rid of” there is “hoarding”.  With so much immaterial e-waste around us, we are by no means getting rid of it all.  From long ago received emails, digital photos, documents, text messages from your ex on your phone – much of this waste stays with us for reasons logistical, emotional, metaphysical.  Tell us what you are e-hoarding and why.


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