physical e-waste

This is what I took to the E-Recycling event organized by the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Union Square April 3rd:

1 G3 Powerbook –my first computer –  (late adapter!) with extra battery, mouse, power cable

1 cannon printer, cables, used ink cartridges

5 cel phones with chargers, batteries, hands-free head sets, etc….

1 portable radio

1  dvd carousel-style player that has been broken for 5 yrs.

1 mini-cassette audio recorder

This took 2 trips by bicycle.

What’s still at home — or actually, what I have now just moved from my small East Village apartment to a larger apartment in Brooklyn:

2 old lap-tops that have files/photos/music that need to be transferred to my new lap-top, bought in  January, 2010.  Boxes and boxes and boxes of cds, cassettes  (many of which are music compilations either I made or made by friends) video tapes, dvds, mini DVs from video projects,  several hard drives,  flash disks, floppies,  cameras, my stereo system,  speaker wires, assorted odd cables that I’m not sure where they go….

Maybe I’ll send all my cassettes, etc to GreenDisk for recycling although I still actually listen to them…..and the CDs.  I haven’t transferred all my music to mp3s  (in fact, still have my entire record collection…..)



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  cindypound wrote @

5 cell phones! yep, we sure cycle through those fast. :-)


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