E-waste recycling and an iPad raffle

We tend to think of waste as simply the end product. We have very often been inconveened by an obsolete electronic. If we try to act as responsible, eco-friendly citizens, we will take that obsolete electronic to the right re-cycling facility. We can only hope that at the end, it will come into use in some shape or form. I might get re-furbished or somehow turned into yet another electronic. Nothing of importance will be wasted.

Two weeks ago, I shlepped my still functioning printer, a few hard drives, a bunch of loose cables and rechargeable ( unfortunately no longer rechargeable ) batteries to the E-Waste recycling event. The event, was brought by the Lower East Side Ecology Center and staged outside Tekserve. I dumped my stuff. Was told that all of it will be 100% recycled, most importantly recycled locally. My waste will not end up oversees like 90% of the country’s e-waste. I felt pretty satisfied and proud of being such a responsible consumer. Then, to my surprise, I was offered to be entered in a iPad raffle. Ha, the irony. I could win yet another electronic that will rather soon be obsolete and i might find myself back at the re-cycling table. And so the cycle of constant acquisition and disposal continues.



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