More E-Waste

So, continuing my e-waste disposal, I took another old lap-top to the Cobble Hill e-waste recycling event on Saturday – organized with Lower East Side Ecology Center . I also spent (wasted) quite a lot of time the night before trying to make sure any files I needed (or as least thought I might somehow need sometime in the future…) were transferred. Which really meant that I probably just made another back-up of something I already had transferred. Clearly, my digital sorting is about as organized as my paper sorting, which is to say, NOT AT ALL.

And, as a slightly comic footnote: I returned a bag of ‘peripherals’ — all those cables that I don’t know what they connect to — and, I discovered later,  that when the volunteer emptied the bag into one of the enormous cardboard boxes, a piece of cheese, that I had just bought at the Fort Green green market (where I had dropped off compost and textiles) mistakenly ended up there. Oops. Will be a rather odorous surprise when the box is opened.

And, at the same event in Cobble Hill, there was the Shredding Truck! so I rushed home and brought back bags of old medical/work/financial records (now probably all available online if I really need them….) to feed into the giant shredder.

Getting rid of stuff is feeling pretty good!


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  cindypound wrote @

ah the pleasures of evacuation!


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