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‘Moby-Duck’: When 28,800 Bath Toys Are Lost At Sea

Garbage patches on Fresh Air today: “Journalist Donovan Hohn decided to track down 28,800 missing bath toys lost at sea. What he found: ‘When I set out following these toys, I didn’t expect it to turn into an environmental story but I very quickly learned … that unlike the flotsam of ages past, the flotsam of today — much of it plastic — persists. It lasts visibly for decades and chemically for centuries because it doesn’t biodegrade. [complete story and book excerpt here]


View from the Newtown Creek Digester Egg

by duncan
digester view

click through for full size

i saw some other people taking pics, would be cool to see them :-)

Japan and the rhetoric of waste

by duncan

realtime search results for “japan” and “waste”

click all the pictures for large size

full gallery curated by the guy who used to do’s “big picture”

Now what


– duncan

The Gowanus Lowline

Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation / Gowanus by Design are sponsoring a High Line-inspired contest to re-imagine the Gowanus canal.

Gowanus Crossings is an inaugural international ideas competition, which invites speculation on the value of urban development of postindustrial lands, and the possibility of dynamic, pedestrian-oriented architecture that either passively or actively engages with the canal and the surrounding watershed. This competition, the first of a series, focuses on the design of connections in and around the canal, and the residual moments around these connections.

Registration deadline is April 1 (it costs $50) and entries are due a couple weeks after. First place gets $1000. Huh.

Productivity: Ommwriter

by Duncan

Ommwriter is a word processor that bills itself as “a humble attempt to recapture what technology has snatched away from us today: our capacity to concentrate.” It’s method is marginally amusing: a fullscreen interface with customizable backgrounds (winter scene, throbbing colors they call ‘chromatherapy’), music loops (one replicates sounds from the womb), and typing sounds (seven variations on typewriter noise).

P.S. I’m fascinated with how well this video matches our site design.

How-to: Upload images/whatever for use elsewhere

Using this site you can upload images, PDFs, word doc’s, powerpoints, and excel files to be posted on the site map or wherever you want.

Click My Blog > Dashboard in the black bar thing at the top of this site
Go to Media section
Click “Add New”
Select file, upload
Copy the File URL at the bottom

(You don’t even have to click Save at the bottom, that’s it)

If you need the URL later, go back to the Media section and click on the “Library.” When you hover over your image on that page, “View” pops up next to it. Click that, and click your image again to get a direct link.