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artsy e-waste

Artist Sarah Frost in her QWERTY installations re uses cast off items and turns them into art. Here is the link to her website.

“For me there is a sublime quality about these materials – they carry withe them the memory of the people who used them. Who knows what sort of conversations transpired through these objects; they are symbolic of our need to communicate.” Sarah Frost

By Gala


Personal e-waste

I must confess that having been in NYC for little over nine months I have nor jet generated any e-waste of my own. But when I got here I got my T.V. for free; my cousin had just bought himself a fancy new flat screen, so he was going to throw the old one away, and I came to the rescue of the poor old T.V.

Here is a picture of the survivor!!!

By Gala

Festival of Ideas NYC


I found out about this festival taking place 4-8 of may in the city, I thought some of you might be interested.

here is a link to the site you can see the program and what is this all about.

Morning plastic interactions.

at home

Iphone alarm clock 30 min (snooze time)

shampoo bottle (2 min)

deodorant (50 seconds)

metro card (30 seconds)

at school

pen (3hr)

high liner (1hr)

bottled water (1hr)

Usb drive (3hr)

The amount of plastic we use in a day is enormous and the amount of time we use it for is generally very little. All of the food containers are used for couple of hours tops and then discarded.

Paper as memory

By Gala

When I moved to New York last August my friends and family, in an attempt to being remembered, filled me with papers; they gave letters drawings and pictures.  And my mother managed to smuggle family pictures in my passport and my books. Therefore since I left México, my relationship with paper has been a nostalgic one. I turn to paper in order to feel closer to home, because it doesn’t matter how many emails and pictures in facebook I have, the fact is that being able to touch a letter one of my friends wrote or looking upon something they draw ed for me,  makes me feel a lot closer to home.

I might say that paper has become for me a way to make home tangible in a foreign country, a way of going back for while, paper has become my memory.

a reinterpretation of Recycling

by Gala

I found this video about a man who lives in the slum area I posted about last week.

I believe his idea of recycling is amazing, not for the idea in it  itself, but the fact that he is willing to do something for improving the conditions in which he lives is a great beginning and if he can influence more people whit his ideas they might be able to do something for an area that the government tends to overlook when improvement expenses are done.

7 Billion National Geographic

By Gala

Hey, I found this video and I thought it might be relevant to the discussion we were having last week.