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Just in case anyone’s looking:

Sounds like a great recycling event at the Newtown Creek  WWTP visitor center and a chance to meet David Hurd,  from the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education.  And a great opportunity to check out the plant if you missed the class visit!

Screening and Discussion of “The Green Apple: Recycling”
6pm-7:30pm, DEP Visitor Center at Newtown Creek
329 Greenpoint Ave at Humboldt, Brooklyn
See NYC recycling like you’ve never seen it before in this year’s Emmy winner in Environmental Programming.  The screening will be followed by a presentation and discussion with OROE, who will debunk recycling myths, test your knowledge of recycling and share local resources to help you recycle more.  Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to



The Crying Indian

More about the Keep America Beautiful campaign and how we’ve been  taken in.

“How an environmental icon helped sell cans  – and sell out environmentalism.” Ginger Strand


More E-Waste

So, continuing my e-waste disposal, I took another old lap-top to the Cobble Hill e-waste recycling event on Saturday – organized with Lower East Side Ecology Center . I also spent (wasted) quite a lot of time the night before trying to make sure any files I needed (or as least thought I might somehow need sometime in the future…) were transferred. Which really meant that I probably just made another back-up of something I already had transferred. Clearly, my digital sorting is about as organized as my paper sorting, which is to say, NOT AT ALL.

And, as a slightly comic footnote: I returned a bag of ‘peripherals’ — all those cables that I don’t know what they connect to — and, I discovered later,  that when the volunteer emptied the bag into one of the enormous cardboard boxes, a piece of cheese, that I had just bought at the Fort Green green market (where I had dropped off compost and textiles) mistakenly ended up there. Oops. Will be a rather odorous surprise when the box is opened.

And, at the same event in Cobble Hill, there was the Shredding Truck! so I rushed home and brought back bags of old medical/work/financial records (now probably all available online if I really need them….) to feed into the giant shredder.

Getting rid of stuff is feeling pretty good!


Just heard a brief interview with Susan Frankel, author of “plastic: a toxic love story” on WNYC – the takeaway on how to use/ live with plastic responsibly. (not a matter of paper or plastic bags at the market but reusable ones. ). Seems so easy but I still seem to end up with too many bags and too many small plastic containers. My plastic addiction was horrifyingly highlighted by my move last weekend. (actually this move has/is challenging all my recycling intentions and is forcing me to confront a life’s worth of possessions…paper,plastic, electronic, stuff/trash. ….)

physical e-waste

This is what I took to the E-Recycling event organized by the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Union Square April 3rd:

1 G3 Powerbook –my first computer –  (late adapter!) with extra battery, mouse, power cable

1 cannon printer, cables, used ink cartridges

5 cel phones with chargers, batteries, hands-free head sets, etc….

1 portable radio

1  dvd carousel-style player that has been broken for 5 yrs.

1 mini-cassette audio recorder

This took 2 trips by bicycle.

What’s still at home — or actually, what I have now just moved from my small East Village apartment to a larger apartment in Brooklyn:

2 old lap-tops that have files/photos/music that need to be transferred to my new lap-top, bought in  January, 2010.  Boxes and boxes and boxes of cds, cassettes  (many of which are music compilations either I made or made by friends) video tapes, dvds, mini DVs from video projects,  several hard drives,  flash disks, floppies,  cameras, my stereo system,  speaker wires, assorted odd cables that I’m not sure where they go….

Maybe I’ll send all my cassettes, etc to GreenDisk for recycling although I still actually listen to them…..and the CDs.  I haven’t transferred all my music to mp3s  (in fact, still have my entire record collection…..)


Half day’s plastic….

today’s plastic interactions so far:
I-Phone case (alarm) 1/2hr w/ snooze
Light switches
Toothbrush 4 min
Coffee maker- set night before
Radio – WNYC 45 mins
Cutting board-1 min
Coffee travel mug
Bike helmet
@ work:
Bowl and spoon (breakfast)
Phone- all the time
Reading glasses – all day
Plastic color gels for lights
Plate and utensils at lunch

I’m sure much more to follow….
It would be hard to even go a few minutes without some plastic interaction. I’d be lost without my glasses……

Does anyone know a way to print out this week’s readings from google books?  Thanks.  jenny.