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reclaiming my trash

Street waste team and all their “reclaiming space” talk, got me thinking about my own bins of garbage outside my house. I take my trash to the can on the curb. It is “out of site out of mind”… until I see a modern day “picker” go through it. I often witness these brooklyn “pickers” go through my piles of plastic bottles and cans and feel quite uneasy. It is MY garbage. Ha. I suddenly feel a strong ownership of that trash, trash that just an hour ago I dumped in the can w/o a care in the world. Couldn’t care less where it was going and what would happen to it.  I guess, I wanted it handled by an official garbage representative. In fact, now I see, how those “pickers” will most likely do a much better job of proper recycling the bottles. Anyways, my attitude has shifted. I will now smile at the unsolicited men and women sorting out my trash :)



E-waste recycling and an iPad raffle

We tend to think of waste as simply the end product. We have very often been inconveened by an obsolete electronic. If we try to act as responsible, eco-friendly citizens, we will take that obsolete electronic to the right re-cycling facility. We can only hope that at the end, it will come into use in some shape or form. I might get re-furbished or somehow turned into yet another electronic. Nothing of importance will be wasted.

Two weeks ago, I shlepped my still functioning printer, a few hard drives, a bunch of loose cables and rechargeable ( unfortunately no longer rechargeable ) batteries to the E-Waste recycling event. The event, was brought by the Lower East Side Ecology Center and staged outside Tekserve. I dumped my stuff. Was told that all of it will be 100% recycled, most importantly recycled locally. My waste will not end up oversees like 90% of the country’s e-waste. I felt pretty satisfied and proud of being such a responsible consumer. Then, to my surprise, I was offered to be entered in a iPad raffle. Ha, the irony. I could win yet another electronic that will rather soon be obsolete and i might find myself back at the re-cycling table. And so the cycle of constant acquisition and disposal continues.


Manufacturing landscapes, people

A few things came to mind watching the film the other day. One, i kept thinking how the camera serves as yet another tool of transforming, manufacturing the natural landscape. The photos of the waste sites, reminded me of the “ruin porn” we looked at a few weeks back. The camera manufactured beautiful photos of the distressed landscapes of waste and distress.

Another thing i thought of was the way that manufacturing electronics and the consumption of electronics could be viewed as uniting and the nature dividing.

And lastly, as far as manufacturing people as machines, I recommend watching “A state of mind”.      by Kasia

7 days with 7 plastics


Ate a piece of cake from a restaurant, from a take out container.


Popped a bunch of vitamins.


Cleaned dishes, tiles, floor, tub, countertop.



Dyed my mom’s hair.


Ate yogurt. Later, spiced up dinner with various condiments.


 Ate at the school’s cafeteria with plastic utensils.


Playtime with niece and nephew. Legos time.

by Kasia


A recent trip to City Hall (as a witness to a friends’ union), got me thinking about the timeless importance of paper as a platform for all of the life’s important documents: Marriage License, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates.

At City Hall, i was ogling vast dusty records of these Marriage unions, initially a private affair, later a public entity. The Licenses end up on display  behind glass doors of fancy bookshelves.Paper has a timeless appeal. Handwritten records on paper are more meaningful than typed.  Signing someone’s guest book at a wedding, party or a bed and breakfast requires a minute of pondering… what kind of mark do I want to leave behind.

by Kasia

Paper – timeless Productivity Platform RE-POST

I thought I’d re-post this since I find it quite relatable to the Paper posts.

Here’s how I optimize my life with paper:

Plan meals. Plan vacations. Track diets and weight

Shopping lists. Lists of stuff, stuff to buy, stuff to see

Keep a budget

Draft bday wishes. Draft break up emails

Meditate with mindless scribbles

Create a funnel to hold food. Create a funnel to hold water. Create a funnel to hold fuel

Fuel a fire. Keep myself warm

Keep myself nice and clean

Make art

Hide behind it

Here are a few things I have not yet used it for:

Signal for help

Make clothes

Use it as a weapon

by Kasia

Re: pictures of refuse

( wish we could add pictures to comments )

Here’s one of my many edible refuses ( it surely feels like this slightly eaten cheese has taken over my kitchen and guilt)

Kodak paper…. have been holding onto it for at least, 5 yrs???  Why???