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by Tassos Lockbird

Today I went to the NYC Department of Health to speak with the Director of the Condoms & Materials Distribution Department. Along with having a really interesting conversation concerning various aspects of this initiative, Jennifer Medina -the Director- gave me something to bring to class and share! :)


macbar | plastic is a “femme fatale”; so beautiful, yet so bad

by Tassos Lockbird

last week a friend of mine took me to this nevertheless fun place that makes specifically mac and cheese, but many kinds. what is even more impressive is their takeaway packaging. so pretty, so shiny, so…useless. or…is it art? because underneath, it says “designed by Ran Lerner”! I don’t know, and I don’t even think it matters. what matters is that even though I have always played devil’s advocate and defended “plastic”, this time [it was too late to say no to the packaging when I saw it!], I was stunned. the amounts of plastic started building up…

flushing meadows ~ corona park | a forgotten circus

by Tassos Lockbird

Not so long ago, a friend from Greece was visiting me and wanted to go to “some places”, as she had told me. Being an architect, she had chosen some interesting and less mainstream sights, one of them being the Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, created in 1939 for New York’s World’s Fair and hosting it again in 1964.  Now, it seems like a deserted theme park in the middle of nowhere. The peculiar character of the place though, has an overwhelming, yet beautifully enchanting effect. Wasted space, wasted dreams.


by Tassos Lockbird

…because, better late than never…

…here are a few pictures from our visit to Newtown Creek!

Definitely one of my personal highlights of this semester.

“how can you protect something so perfect, without evil..?”

by Tassos Lockbird


Lady Gaga has been frequently seen in plastic apparel, promoting this new idea of “plastic as high fashion”.

In her “Born This Way” video

she is seen with a “plastic chiffon” [aka as high-class-cellophane, lol], a plastic bodysuit, and so on.

Even more specifically, in her Grammy performance she and all of her dancers were wearing outfits made of plastic

what makes the perfect sense though [thanks you Elizabeth!] is one phrase in the introduction of her music video; she ends her story by saying “how can you protect something so perfect, without evil..?” which fits perfectly to the idea of plastic being something “bad” but at the same time protecting something “good”.

“life in plastic is fantastic”

by Tassos Lockbird

A few things on plastic…..

First of all, I found really funny and extremely interesting that when I googled “plastic nyc”the majority -if not all- of the links that I got back where concerning plastic surgery


Trying to be the “devil’s advocate” concerning plastic, I was thinking about the positive aspects of it. I ended up with the notion of protection. Plastic helps people protect many natural -or not- substances, or even ideas. Film archives, like the one on 2nd av, are the perfect example. On a more mundane and literal level, condoms

condoms.shtml !

Finally, the most intriguing thing I came across in my research is a UK company that offers the possibility to immortalize yourself by sprinkling your ashes on a vinyl before it is pressed. If that sounds too weird how I say it, this might be helpful


and the original site for anyone who’s interested!

paper world

by Tassos Lockbird

I am just amazed by the infinite forms of “paper”. It sounds silly and naive but it is really impressive when you think about the variety; the paper-sheets in my notebook, the kleenex in my bag, money in my wallet, kitchen paper, toilet paper, rolling paper, newspaper, wallpaper, and so on. Paper literally surrounds our worlds, and it’s daunting to think about the different purpose of each kind and the various ways it’s being processed to serve all it’s purposes. I don’t know if paper will go “out of fashion”, or if it will be considerably less used, but up until now it holds an imperative part in human society, and it’s waste.