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E-Waste Inquiries

Regarding question 1 & 2 I actually have a joint answer. You might remember from the house hold refuse discussion that I was the member of the class that may have made you cringe (if you’re over due for a tetanus shot) with the plethora of  various metal based objects littered across my floor. One such object was an opened Xbox. During winter break my brother and I became extremely nostalgic for all of the old video games of our childhood. We considered a few ebay auctions for the different systems and the games but quickly realized our lack of storage space would be an issue. Plus we didn’t see a reason to spend a few hundred for a distraction.

We learned we could ‘mod’ an original Xbox and store Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Playstation and arcade games on it. For the remainder of winter break our bookmarks consisted of various sites that we marked for guides on the conversion process and also sites listing links for the games. Later on there existed a folder on my desktop and that folder eventually became too big and was moved to an external hard drive. While the Xbox is now setup and running we kept all that bookmarks and the filled external hard drive just incase we need to do it again. Unfortunately I messed up a few times and as a result we had to strip three other Xboxs for parts. These machines are still in my room stacked in the corner. They’ll probably stay for a while just incase we need parts. An attempt to save money and space resulted in the consumption of both physical and virtual space.

Sorting unfortunately is sort of a hobby, at least the time I spend on sorting you would think its a hobby. I’ve spent hours sorting and creating folders for my files. The afore mentioned game files were all organized according to system and were broken down into folders and alphabetized. I suppose I subconsciously recognize the messy haphazard nature of my physical existence and sought out order for my digital files.


I wear my potentially incriminating personal data like a heart on my sleeve

Well I don’t really… but now we all can! I came across this posting while debating the validity of magnets and erasing hard drives for discarding  and thought it might be of interest. In many ways our computers, cellphones and other electronic devices are becoming more and more extensions of ourselves and can tell someone (in many ways) who we are and potentially allow someone the opportunity to become us (hacking and other forms of fraud). This recycling process (if you will) takes the vital source data of our electronics and allows us to make the virtual us part of our physical representation. At least that’s my take.

My day and Plastic

Hopefully plastics that will hold up for a while to come. Spent the day redoing my car’s interior, working on the computer, and traveling to and from class.

-Soda’s (my dog) bowl -5 minute (feeding her and giving her water)

-Aglets- 1 minute (had to tie my shoes)

-Interior panels and dash components for car- 3 hours (installation)

-Laptop keys and various other components – 3-5 hours

(by time I finish here it’ll be 3 hours. If I make use of netflix another 2 will be tacked on)

-Metro card- 2-4 minutes

-Debit card 2-5 minutes (needed to refill my ancient metro card)

-Cellphone 2 hours (not sure of the total usage but it sounds like a decent estimate)


What is the role of paper for you today and what could it tell tomorrow?

We’ve shared two examples of how rediscovering forgotten personal documents have led to new forms of communication for once lost information. What kind of role does paper play in your daily life? If your books, photos, and writing were found years later what do you think they would tell about you? Please share your thoughts on this and any images you could contribute with them.

Yesterday’s Forgotten Papers Tomorrow’s New Book

Here an article about a recent discovery and the book that came of it. While the game of golf is not something we can all identify with the rediscovering of old personal/family images and papers is something we’ve all experienced. The discovery of  old paper (from photos to journals and so on) and their information being used to create something new is an area of interest to us. Let us know what you think.

Here is the article:

Case 2: Paper Intro

This week we will be looking at paper are a form of mediated ‘waste’ and to get us started we would like to share a few articles of interest and open up a dialogue about the role paper plays in our daily lives.  Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this topic. See you all Wednesday!

– Ran & Ray

What should be hidden in my closet

This past week I began my spring cleaning. It didn’t work out so well. Here is an example of what my floor has looked like over the past couple of days. What you see here is a mess of screw, wire, screw driver, computer parts, old hockey skates, a cage for a helmet (I play hockey), and a few shopping bags. How I’ve managed to stumble through this darkened room at night without killing myself is a mystery. Joking aside the issue that has already been brought up of nostalgia is the reason why the skates and cage have yet to be thrown out and consequently why the rest of that mess is there. If I clean up the whole mess the skates that were passed down to me will need to tossed as well. I think the issue of ‘what we keep’ is a very interesting one and brings us back to the issue we were left with last time we all met when we were discussing ewaste. When does waste become waste? Are things we keep or clink to waste?

Here is my metal covered floor. Thankfully, I am up to date with my tetanus shot.