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NYC’s Festival of Ideas

I got a chance to go to the Festival Ideas this morning. Very cool local businesses + organizations, green projects, and workshops to check out/get involved with. As well, you can drop off your e-waste or food scraps for compost. One workshop that caught my attention was the Upcycle Art Workshop where you can learn how to turn plastic bottles into beautiful objects. I love the idea of “Upcycle”. And of course there was performance artist Edith Raw’s “White Trash” piece, walking around wearing a headpiece made of various plastics and a dress made of clear plastic garbage bags filled with trash. Here are some highlights from the festival:

packaged garbage

"white trash"

Truck Farm

Green NYC



(99) Wasteland the Movie

Is now available streaming on Netflix

with the great line around 28:00 about recycling one can – why? Because 99 is not 100.

Okay so I know I am writing as I am watching, but one thing which strikes me which I mentioned earlier in the semester vis a vis the student doc on the trash scavengers in Ha Noi, is how there can be this happiness, this joy, this sense of community … I obviously do not want to Romanticize this nor deny the suffering, but when joy happens it confirms what the one fellow says driving to the dump (to paraphrase) “it’s better to be poor and without shame than rich without morals.” That itself is also not necessarily only what it seems, but having spent a fair amount of time in the higher end workspaces of the USA – they are pretty lifeless compared to what I see in this movie. It is disturbing to think that spontaneous celebrations, community, and solidarity among workers are not productive practices within society, thbut rather are pushed to the dump where such is allowed to exist. Agsin, when the night picker says she is working honestly, it requires some critical thought, but unlike Kenneth Lay I think she believes it …

Okay well now this is the subjhect of the movie “I mistakenly thought they were happy … denial”  Okay – time to watch and not comment

in the news: nuclear waste

<jessica> Off this week’s e-waste topic, but in light of yesterday’s 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, here’s an interesting article from The Guardian (UK) on building repositories for nuclear waste.

when there is no such thing as too much information

by cindy

more info = greater productivity

or so at least according to one study:


Just heard a brief interview with Susan Frankel, author of “plastic: a toxic love story” on WNYC – the takeaway on how to use/ live with plastic responsibly. (not a matter of paper or plastic bags at the market but reusable ones. ). Seems so easy but I still seem to end up with too many bags and too many small plastic containers. My plastic addiction was horrifyingly highlighted by my move last weekend. (actually this move has/is challenging all my recycling intentions and is forcing me to confront a life’s worth of possessions…paper,plastic, electronic, stuff/trash. ….)

e-greenwashing, or right actions?

by cindy

google announces that it plans to invest $100m in a wind farm in oregon.

this follows an investment a couple of weeks ago in a solar energy venture:;txt

both of these possibly to offset at some measure the carbon footprint of its ginormous server farm in the dalles, OR.


Festival of Ideas NYC


I found out about this festival taking place 4-8 of may in the city, I thought some of you might be interested.

here is a link to the site you can see the program and what is this all about.