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recycling event

Just in case anyone’s looking:

Sounds like a great recycling event at the Newtown Creek  WWTP visitor center and a chance to meet David Hurd,  from the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education.  And a great opportunity to check out the plant if you missed the class visit!

Screening and Discussion of “The Green Apple: Recycling”
6pm-7:30pm, DEP Visitor Center at Newtown Creek
329 Greenpoint Ave at Humboldt, Brooklyn
See NYC recycling like you’ve never seen it before in this year’s Emmy winner in Environmental Programming.  The screening will be followed by a presentation and discussion with OROE, who will debunk recycling myths, test your knowledge of recycling and share local resources to help you recycle more.  Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to




by Tassos Lockbird

Today I went to the NYC Department of Health to speak with the Director of the Condoms & Materials Distribution Department. Along with having a really interesting conversation concerning various aspects of this initiative, Jennifer Medina -the Director- gave me something to bring to class and share! :)

macbar | plastic is a “femme fatale”; so beautiful, yet so bad

by Tassos Lockbird

last week a friend of mine took me to this nevertheless fun place that makes specifically mac and cheese, but many kinds. what is even more impressive is their takeaway packaging. so pretty, so shiny, so…useless. or…is it art? because underneath, it says “designed by Ran Lerner”! I don’t know, and I don’t even think it matters. what matters is that even though I have always played devil’s advocate and defended “plastic”, this time [it was too late to say no to the packaging when I saw it!], I was stunned. the amounts of plastic started building up…

flushing meadows ~ corona park | a forgotten circus

by Tassos Lockbird

Not so long ago, a friend from Greece was visiting me and wanted to go to “some places”, as she had told me. Being an architect, she had chosen some interesting and less mainstream sights, one of them being the Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, created in 1939 for New York’s World’s Fair and hosting it again in 1964.  Now, it seems like a deserted theme park in the middle of nowhere. The peculiar character of the place though, has an overwhelming, yet beautifully enchanting effect. Wasted space, wasted dreams.


by Tassos Lockbird

…because, better late than never…

…here are a few pictures from our visit to Newtown Creek!

Definitely one of my personal highlights of this semester.

Litter as horror

By Jen
This is a pretty excellent anti-litter PSA I think, by David Lynch — thought I’d share.

Urban Map

Has anyone else been having the hardest time adding site tags to the map? The google map keeps switching information around on me, losing data … it’s driving me batty.